Friday, July 31, 2009

Toast on Market

I went here a few weeks ago on a rainy Wednesday with my sister-in-law Brooke for brunch... I'd never heard of it but when she suggested meeting at this cool downtown Louisville breakfast and lunch spot for comfort foods, I thought it sounded like perfect fare for a wet day!

The service was really great, they let us sit wherever we wanted since there wasn't a lunch crowd yet at 11, so we grabbed a cozy booth area along the right wall. The place was very artsy and antiquated inside, with large art deco paintings, large old stone framed windows and high ceilings. I had what they call THE KING - Brioche stuffed with bananas, peanut butter, mascarpone cheese and topped with syrup and pecans. It was made into to triangle sandwiches and was scrumptious! And came with a side of the best hash brown casserole I've ever had. It tasted more like cheddary cheesy scalloped potato casserole with roasted red peppers!

Here we are enjoying the Toast...

I will definitely go back there and try their lunch offerings!

Favorite Convention Moments

Evansville, Indiana July 3-5.

Our friends the Kennedys that got baptized. A whole family at one convention, it was wonderful!

Our nephews William and Wesley and our friend Sophie. All so cute!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Blogging Mission: Louisville Cafes

I've been struggling for blogging ideas lately, and wondering if maybe I'm just not leading and interesting enough outer or inner life to even necessitate my own blog... I have passing thoughts about what I could write, but I either forget them or don't have enough to say that I think my readers will find interesting...

Then an idea came to me today... I've been going to try all the cool cafes and restaurants that are in abundance in Louisville, and I wish it could be my job to review them, but then I realized I could just do it here!

The first one I'll tell you about is THE MERIDIAN CAFE... which I went to for lunch today with Brady.

The cafe is on the corner of Meridian and Willis Avenues in St. Matthews, right near where Brady works... An upscale area of the city that is full of old homes, boutiques and shops, and lots of restaurants.. The Meridian Cafe is in a lovely old Louisville home turned into cafe.

This is the inside's very tiny and I have a feeling it's always crowded for breakfast and lunch! We sat at the little table for 2 outside on the porch.

I had the IZZY’S ARTICHOKE panini (Baby spinach, Artichoke hearts, Roma tomato, feta & provolone cheeses on a ciabatta roll) and it was wonderful! It came with a pickle and what seemed to be homemade sweet potato chips that were also great.

with a side of their PASTA SALAD (Penne pasta, fresh veggies, in a basil balsamic vinaigrette with feta cheese) to share.

Aren't these cute salt and pepper shakers?

We both had the ice tea of the day: green tea with citrus and ginko... delish!

I would go back there in a heartbeat, there were TONS of things I wanted to order, and 80% of the menu is vegetarian friendly!

Check them out!

Keep posted for more cafe reviews to come.

Other place I've either been to or plan to go to and blog about:
Lyn's Paradise Cafe
North End Cafe
Toast on Market
Jason's Deli
Cafe Metro
Cafe Classico
Uptown Cafe
Ramsi's Cafe on the World
Whole Foods Cafe
Lotsa Pasta
Paul's Produce Market
The Patron
The Butterfly Garden Cafe
Wild Eggs
Cafe Lou Lou
Safier Mediterranian Deli
Havana Rumba
Stevens and Stevens Deli
Third Avenue Cafe

(FYI: these pictures were taked with my cell, that's why they're so yellowish!)