Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Michigan Trip Pictures.

Our route Brady so helpfully highlighted IN MY ATLAS.

The awesome lake house we were privileged to stay in. The family I work for were up there staying in another house down the road and this "guest house" was empty so they offered it to us!

Cool diner table in kitchen.

The house was designed by an architect and you could tell! Lots of storage, outlets, and neat ideas in all the room...

Our bedroom on the back of house with doors out to the dock and lake Burt.

Willow and John Henry came to visit... JH by land, Willow by sea!

We spent a lot of time out on the dock... it was very secluded and peaceful.

We took a trip up to the north for a day to go to Mackinac Island.

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse.

Bridge to the Upper Peninsula... We went across to St. Ignace to take the ferry to Mackinac Island.

waiting for the ferry...

Approaching Mackinac Island...

The Island was so neat, with no cars...only horses, bikes, and feet to take you where you're going!

There were gorgeous houses and flowers in the village of resident's homes...

The spot where Richard and Elise meet in Somewhere in Time! I pretended to be her and asked Brady, "Is it you?"...because I'm a dork!

My favorite flowers in the world, alliums! These were on the grounds of the Grand Hotel. It looks exactly like it was in the movie, they've changed nothing!

Our tandem bike we rented to ride around the island...

On the way back from Mackinac we stopped at Wilderness State Park to see the beach at Lake Michigan...

Brady kayaked and really liked it!

This is us on the Brown's boat! We went up Indian River to Mullet Lake and swam in the chilly water... Willow was not a fan!

Willow helped her grandpa steer...
A loon... gorgeous colors and red ruby eyes...

Charlevoix Beach on Lake Michigan. We went here for the day and it was a lovely beachside town! We swam again in the chilly water and collected multi-colored smooth stones, polished by the waves.

Charlevoix Lighthouse.

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