Friday, August 14, 2009

Sundried Tomato & Artichoke Pasta

I made up this yummy recipe tonight!
I made whole wheat spaghetti as I normally would,
and in a skillet sauteed olive oil, sundried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts with sprinkles of garlic powder, italian seasoning, minced onion flakes, crushed red pepper, and oregano.
When both were done, I mixed them all in the pasta pan and melted mozzarella on top.

It was delish!


Dee Caffinated said...

Hey there Nicci - this sounds wonderful!! Hope you don't mind but your mom sent me the link to this because I eat mostly vegan and she thought I'd like to see your blog. Denise from NH

Nicci said...

Hi Denise...that's fine, hope you enjoy reading. I just went thru and labeled posts so it's easier to find the cooking ones. Mom said you have a blog too? I'd love to see it!