Saturday, April 24, 2010

City? Country? Beach? Mountains? Lakeside?

So... just when I think I really want to move to Louisville and live the city kind of life... I have a day that makes me hate the city kind of life. There were so many people on and in the streets, side streets, alleys, parking lots and area around work the other day at about 2:30, that about 11 people almost hit me within the span of 4 minutes. I was trying to find a parking spot at Ce Fiore, a little dessert place down the street from the Browns (the family I nanny for) and there were just none to be had. So I abandoned the idea of a frozen Italian treat and headed back to the sleepy and usually boring Corydon, full of farmland, hills, and people who have spent their entire lives there.
As I drove I wondered the question I've wondered my whole life: Where do I really want to live, where would I be happiest and most at home? I know I love being near water... at the beach or even a lake or river, in walking/ hearing distance is preferable. Water calms me and makes me happy. But I also like a quaint country setting, a farmhouse in the middle of acres of fields and maybe a stream.  I love log cabins in the mountains and could be happy living in one.  And more often than not I see my father's need for privacy and seclusion from people coming out in me... and crave a wooded spot far from civilization.  (Especially when we can't escape screaming kids and babies and cigarette smoke and tailgating in front of our apartment, and fast food smells where we live now!)  All that sounds wonderful and peaceful and welcoming.  However, there are definitely times when I think I'd love to live in a cool city like Louisville, where we are everyday for work, where we can live in an old charming victorian home turned into apartments, and walk to the park, coffee shop, bookstore, library, and boutiques.  Where things are always going on - art fairs, fireworks, festivals.  There are tons of great restaurants, museums, and cultural and artsy activities.  Also appealing.
It's hard to know until you actually live in a place, how you would like it.  I guess that is why I say, "never let me settle..." because I know I can never settle down for good in one place or situation.  I look forward to having the opportunity in the future to live in many different lands and places.

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