Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Delish spring cuisine

Since I read a lot of food blogs, I am constantly seeing my own meals and snacks through the eyes of a computer screen/ blog post.  I find reading about what other people are making and eating interesting, so hopefully you guys will too!

The other night we had a fish dinner.  I've never been a big seafood eater, and the only thing I used to like was tuna from a can (made with miracle whip, celery, relish - basically unrecognizable as fish).  Then I cut that out because of being vegetarian.  Lately I feel like I'm not getting enough... I don't want to say protein exactly, because the amount of protein people think you need is such a myth...but I just feel deficient in something.  I feel like I'm just not eating meals with enough solidity to them.  So I decided to give fish another try, and tilapia is said to be one of the least fishy-tasting, so I bought that.  I also made sure to buy one that had a crust on it, to disguise it a little for my first real fish dinner.

It was garlic encrusted tilapia, and I made cous cous with dried cranberries and pecan slivers in it, and a broccoli cheese noodle side dish.  With a glass of Riesling as well. Overall, a winning combination of things, and the fish was great!

Another night I made this whole wheat pasta with a little olive oil, oregano, steamed broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, and parmesan cheese. Scruptious!!

Homemade pizza is our usual Friday night dinner... with all sorts of toppings.  Pineapple, onion, green pepper, sun-dried tomato, garlic powder, oregano, etc...

Some of my lunches at work:
roasted red pepper hummus and spinach on homemade bread (not homemade by ME, but my boss, an excellent cook)

Peanut butter, sunbutter, and banana, again on homemade bread... sometimes with a little honey on top...

Also today I had a sandwich on one of these:

I didn't take a picture, but it had laughing cow light spreadable swiss cheese, avocado, and spinach.... and was one of the most wonderful sandwiches I've ever had!!!

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