Monday, May 4, 2009

Despereaux and Princess Pea

These are the bunnies that live outside our front door. They are always out there when we go out or come home... and though there are ample yards in our row of town homes, they only like ours! So I'm adopting them. They are a couple, who I've named Despereaux and Princess Pea after my new favorite kids movie. They seem very friendly and almost let us come up to them! Yesterday we witnessed what we can only assume is bunny mating... they were literally jumping up off the ground at each other and trying to kiss, I swear! I know it's common knowledge that bunnies hop, but I realized yesterday that you couldn't prove it by me, I've never actually seen one do it... Until now! I hope we have little baby bunnies soon... under our bush would be a good place to raise young I mentioned to the happy couple... we'll see if they take me up on that.

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